Tamborine Mountain is part of an ancient volcanic rim with an elevation of around 550 meters above sea level.

The many natural attractions on offer include fantastic lookout points, allowing visitors to gaze in the distance and enjoy uninterrupted views of the surrounding hinterland and coastline.

The letters and numbers behind each Lookout Point refer to the locations of the lookout on the new “TM Visitor Guide and Treasure Map” which can be picked up from any of the over 1,800 good tourism outlets located between Ballina and Rockhampton, with a heavy concentration on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, as well as all over Tamborine Mountain.

INLAND LOOKOUTS (listed from north to south):

The center of the crater was the now flat area that can be seen from various inland lookout points along the western edge of the mountain providing for endless escarpment views with breathtaking sunsets.  Numerous lakes in the valley reflect the evening rays, long shadows mesmerize many visitors who are regularly seen admiring the views.

“Knoll Road” (B3) 
Located at the very end of Knoll Road, this lookout is well-maintained and easily accessible.
It offers plenty of facilities and is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

“Cameron Falls” (B2)
Reached after a very enjoyable 30-minute hike starting at the “Knoll Road” lookout,
this viewing platform allows views inland as well as on to “Cameron Falls”.

“Beacon Road” (B1)
Past the famous “TM Distillery” right at the very end of “Beacon Road”, this is a less
frequented lookout point with a small turning circle and limited parking.

“Witches Falls” (E2)
Forming part of the “Witches Chase” hiking track, this viewing platform is best reached via a 25-minute walk from the “Main Western Road” car parking area opposite “Hartley Road”.

“Rotary Lookout” (F2)
One of the most popular lookouts is located on “Main Western Road” directly opposite the Bavarian Grill Haus Restaurant, equipped with benches and binoculars.

“Hang Gliders” (G2)
Also on “Main Western Road” this spot often comes alive with numerous hang gliders using this cleared section of the escarpment as a launch site.

COASTAL VIEWS (listed from north to south):

Towards the East visitors are rewarded with fantastic coastal views, often stretching from Moreton Bay to Tweed Heads.  At night, the Surfer’s Paradise skyline comes alive, with thousands of lights twinkling in the distance and a light breeze coming from the ocean.

The rolling hills on the Eastern side of Tamborine Mountain were formed by run-off lava.  Coastal lookouts are fewer, not always easily accessible, and often lack parking facilities.  All over the mountain, visitors often catch glimpses of the Gold Coast skyline, great care needs to be taken when stopping to admire the views.  Visitors are asked to please respect residents’ privacy.

“Eagle Heights Resort” (A8)
This popular Mountain Resort on Tamborine / Oxenford Road boasts fantastic uninterrupted views, offers plenty of parking, and is open to anyone.

“Magnetic Drive” (B8)
Views are partially obstructed by trees.  There is a large turning circle at the end, also offering limited parking.

“Licuala Drive” (G4)
Take great care when navigating the steep and narrow road, there is no room for parking on the street itself, visitors can enjoy the views after a short stroll uphill after parking where the road turns into “Justin Avenue”

“Golf Course Road” (K6)
Again care needs to be taken when stopping to admire the views, a short walk from where cars can be parked will be necessary.

“Guanaba Road” (J6)
Being located on one of the busiest roads to Tamborine Mountain, this vantage point tends to cause traffic problems.  Please park well off the road, and consider the resident’s privacy.