Cedar Creek Section

Tamborine Mountain is a nature lover’s paradise… There are a large number of beautiful rainforest bushwalks, which are well established and easy to follow. Visitors may not know but they would have experienced some “forest bathing” or what the Japanese call Shinrin-Yoku. Devotees of Shinrin-Yoku believe that by quiet reflection when in a forest and by taking in the sounds, smells and the ambiance of the forest, the body can benefit.

Cedar Creek car park

This section of the park is easily reached via Tamborine Mountain Road. It is an ideal stop on the way up to Tamborine Mountain from Tamborine Village. The turn-off to “Cedar Creek Falls Road” is just past the information map stopping bay on the left, on the same sharp right bend then the turn-off to “Thunderbird Park”. Please take care – this large bitumen street corner has a 40km/h speed limit, and is often used as a large bus turning circle.

A fairly narrow road leads down towards “Cedar Creek Falls”, crossing Cedar Creek via a concrete level creek crossing shortly before reaching the car parking area.

Visitors are asked to please keep noise to a minimum as this is also a residential area.

Please park only in the designated spots, and do not obstruct residents’ driveways. Note that there is NO parking on the access road (yellow lines).


Boardwalk to Lookout

Cedar Creek Falls Lookout (A4) – 500m return to the lookout, allow about 20 minutes return, easy grade

This flat bitumen track from the car park to the lookout is suitable for strollers and assisted wheelchair access. The lookout at the end of the walk offers very nice views of the waterfalls, cascades, and a series of rock pools popular with swimmers. This walking track is ideally suitable for the young, the elderly, and the disabled, providing spectacular waterfall scenery within very short walking distance.

Cedar Creek Falls Rock Pools (A4) 900m return from the lookout (see before), allow about 30 minutes, moderate grade

The track provides access to Cedar Creek and some of its spectacular cascades, waterfalls, and rock pools. It is hard to describe the natural beauty of this spot without using superlatives, but judge for yourself – and don’t forget to bring your togs!

Please note that NO glass containers are allowed past the viewing platform, and observe the regulatory notices warning of slippery rocks, steep cliffs, and “no go” areas close to the falls. The entire track is sealed and provides for safe walking even after heavy rain.


At the rock pools –


The walk starts to the right of the lookout, sloping down gently. Upon reaching a fork, keep to the left to reach another viewing platform. Rest to take full advantage of the breathtaking views of the three upper waterfalls and rock pools (86 stairs).


Anyone for a swim?

Continue until the two tracks re-join (2 stairs), zig-zag down the canyon through open forest and dry rainforest and arrive at these popular swimming holes after crossing extensive jumbled rock scree slopes (17 stairs).

Access to the swimming holes is easy via slope rock shelves, care needs to be taken as these rocks can be slippery. Jumping from the cliffs is strictly prohibited, due to submerged rocks and other hazards. The water can be quite cold, even at the peak of summer.

The return track reverses the walk-in, except when coming to the forked stick to the left to shorten the uphill walk and to arrive back at the upper viewing platform (37 stairs).