Cedar Creek Falls Picnic Area

There are two distinctly separate picnic areas. The first one is closer to the car park and offers plenty of room and facilities.

The Knoll Picnic Area

“The Knoll” picnic area and lookout is one of the many hidden treasures on Tamborine Mountain. The grounds are well kept.

Geissmann Oval Picnic Area

A popular area for sporting activities, “Geissmann Oval” is centrally located just off “Main Street” in North Tamborine.

Doughty Park Picnic Area

This small park is located within the busy North Tamborine shopping precinct, just a few meters off “Main Western Road”.

Staffsmith Park Picnic Area

Featuring the Mountain’s largest children’s playground (fully fenced and covered with shade cloth)

Lions Park Picnic Area

Offering all necessary picnic facilities, the “Lions Park” has plenty of room for the kids to roam around.

Rosser Park Picnic Area

“Rosser Park” is located just opposite St.Bernards Shopping Centre, Siganto Street, Mt Tamborine (via ‘Henry Robert Drive’).

Guanaba Park Picnic Area

“Guanaba Park” is a large playground with many facilities and heaps of room to keep the kids entertained for hours!.

Lahey Lookout Park

Located at the southernmost point of Tamborine Mountain this once was a very popular lookout area.