Berry and Maple

The creator of Berry and Maple. Im the one woman show that creates, bakes and and decorates all your sweet treats. Not to mention the emails, the photography and everything else in-between. I just wanted to share with you a little bit about myself and how this business came about.

Desserts are my passion. I love the whole process from designing, the baking, to the final touches that turns sweets into edible art. And of course the eating part. I REALLY LOVE THAT PART!!  I started my pastry apprenticeship straight out of high school.  A few short years later I was packing my bags and heading overseas. I’ve been very fortunate that my passion has taken me to some amazing places in the world. From Edinburgh, Scotland, to Hamilton Island here in Australia. Every new place I went,  every person I met has shaped me to the person I am today and the chef i am today. I’ve spent many years learning and perfecting my craft and I still get excited to learn new skills and techniques.